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  1. All the Invigilators are requested to be present in the Examination Hall 30 minutes before the commencement of Exam.
  2. All the invigilators are advised to avoid taking leaves during the examinations.
  3. In case of emergency, while availing leave faculty are advised to adjust the invigilation duty and inform to respective HOD and Exam Branch In charge.
  4. Before going to invigilation, Invigilators are instructed to deposit their mobile phones in the Examination Branch.
  5. Invigilators should check whether students have any additional papers or chits with them during the examination.
  6. Invigilators should move around the exam hall at least once in every 15 minutes and should not spend time talking to the other Invigilator in the Exam hall.
  7. Invigilators should constantly observe the students keenly to notice any malpractice.


  1. The candidates allotted shall be permitted into the examination halls only after verifying their hall tickets.
  2. Invigilators shall ensure that time schedules of the examinations are to be strictly adhered to
    1. No candidate is allowed to the examination hall after the commencement of examination.
    2. No candidate shall be permitted for toilets during examination period.
    3. Under emergency circumstances the candidate can be allowed to go out of the hall by handing over the answer booklet and question paper to the invigilator and shall not be permitted back to the hall.
    4. The candidate can be allowed to go out only after one and half hour from the commencement of the examination by collecting the answer booklet and question paper. However, if the candidate wants to leave the hall in the last half an hour, can be allowed to take the question paper with him by submitting the answer booklet to the invigilator.
  3. The physical identity of the candidates shall be thoroughly checked by comparing their faces with that printed on hall tickets.
  4. The Part - I of OMR sheet of the Answer Booklet is printed with all the details, and the invigilator should see that every student verifies the details. If there are any discrepancies, the same may be brought to the notice of the Chief Superintendent of Examinations who in turn will replace the damaged/ spoiled/ unrelated answer booklet by a Blank Answer Booklet. When a "Blank Answer Booklet" is issued to a student, the student has to enter all the details in the blocks / spaces provided on the Part - I of OMR sheet.
  5. The invigilator shall sign in the box specified in Part - I of the OMR sheet, after verifying the answer booklet with the Hall Ticket Number and the subject of the examination of the student.
  6. Candidates are prohibited from writing their Hall Ticket Number anywhere in the "Answer Booklet". Invigilator should instruct the candidates to enter the Set No. of the question paper and sign in the proforma ( a copy enclosed).
  7. Invigilators should make a general announcements in the hall before commencement of the examination if any candidate possessing any written or printed material in any form will liable to be booked under malpractice case and punishment will be given as per the University guidelines.
  8. The Invigilator should make announcement that all the candidates have to strike of the unused blank pages before submitting the answer books to the Invigilator.
  9. The Invigilator should verify each answer booklet whether the number of pages written by the candidates on part II and Part III are matching with the number of pages actually written and confirm whether the unused pages are struck or not.


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