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Centre for Development of Communication Skills


The department vision is to hone the talents of the individual by formulating and designing a comprehensive plan for the all-round development of the personality and prepare them to meet the present day social needs and aspirations.

The department mission includes extensive updating and revising teaching methodology; organizing oral and written soft skills Training programmes, developing learning aids, programming comprehensive, creative lab activities and formulating effective communication strategies to cross the barriers of expression.

Mr. V.Aruna

Mr. B.Sandeep
Ms.R.Bhagya Lakshmi
Ms. K.Sri Lakshmi
Mr. B.Santosh

ABOUT C.D.C Skills
Language is essential for expressing ideas, opinions, views, emotions etc. It is an effective means to effective leadership. To foster this, MRECW has established an exclusive CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNICATION SKILLS to bring about a sea change in the methodology of teaching, evaluation and designing the language curriculum to suit the various levels of students.

This centre offers three prestigious Certification Courses

Business English Certification
- Certification offered by Cambridge University, London, U.K. during I & II B.Tech.  

Oxford Achievers Certification offered by Oxford University Press, India during I & II B.Tech. 

Pearson Certification offered by Pearson MePro, during III B.Tech. 


  • To bring about a sea change in the methodology of teaching, evaluation and designing the language curriculum to suit the various levels of students. 
  • To offer training for the prestigious Business English Certification by Cambridge University, London, U.K
  • To offer training for the prestigious Oxford Achievers Certification by Oxford University Press, India
  • To offer training for the prestigious Pearson Certification by Pearson MePro
  • To provide Weekly 3 periods additional special English Language Labs & G.D.s beyond curriculum to improve communication skills of students 
  • To conduct Soft skills Training Programme 
  • To conduct CRT Programmes for III & IV years 
  • To organize competitions like Debate, Elocution, Essay Writing, Group Discussions & JAMs. 
  • To organize Faculty Language Skills Enhancement Programmes to enrich communication skills of students. 


  • Leadership Training. 
  • Training classes © Business English Certificate course (BEC, Cambridge University, UK), Oxford Achievers Certification Course (Oxford University Press, India), Pearson Certification Course (Pearson MePro) 
  • Extensive lectures
  • Group Discussions
  • Review tips
  • Oral Presentations
  • Corporate Culture
  • Debates (Big-Fight)
  • Resume Preparation
  • Problem solving
  • Frequent seminars
  • Team Building
  • JAM Sessions
  • Recap Boxes
  • Interview Skills


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